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Ken and Donna Parker

Ken & Donna Parker

Ken & Donna Parker

Serving Fayette & Coweta Clients Since 1987



We are your best listing agent choice --

No one does it better !!

Now, please allow us to back up this bold claim ...

Worldwide Internet marketing at our website:

Worldwide Internet marketing at several other websites:

  • Inclusion of your home in numerous national real estate portals and databases including:

    •  with several million unique visitors each month

    •  with several million visitors each month

    •  Yahoo! Real Estate,  Yahoo's registry of homes for sale

    •  Trulia  with several million visitors each month

    •  Homegain  with several million visitors each month

    •  Zillow  with several million visitors each month

  • Worldwide 24/7 Internet advertising of your home

  • Registered with over 5,000 Search Engines

  • Photographic "Grand Tour" of suitable homes within 24 hours

Optimal Use of Georgia Metro Listing Service:

With close to 100% of the adult public now accessing the internet, it is imperative that the accuracy and completeness of MLS information be viewed as critically important and absolutely essential to the effective marketing of your home. Recent data shows more than 90% of today's home buyers now use the internet to locate homes they could potentially purchase.

The Georgia MLS service now feeds its listings to numerous national and international real estate websites and portals such as those listed above. Thus, the completeness and accuracy of what is in MLS has never before been so very important. We will routinely use the MLS to your maximum advantage:

  • Timely submission to MLS

  • Timely submission of high quality digital photos

  • Insure that remarks, description, and directions are 100% accurate

  • Take maximum advantage of the space provided to real estate agents

  • Describe your home in the most favorable terms

  • Timely updates for changes

         When you list your home, you expect RESULTS. These are the RESULTS we achieve:

  • Nearly 100% of our listings sell

  • A sales contract generally in less than 45 days

  • An average sales price of 98.6% of full price

  • Please click on  Client References  for amplification

         Good results come as a byproduct of my experience, judgment, and hard work:

  • Over 30 years real estate sales experience in this local market

  • The lessons learned from well over 700 home sales since 1987

  • Command of current high-tech Internet-based real estate marketing

  • Earned e-PRO professional designation, among others

  • 20+ years prior business experience in Fortune 500 companies

  • Please click on  Meet Ken & Donna Parker  for professional resume

          Here's what distinguishes our performance from that of other agents:

  • Our 30 years experience and well over 700 Fayette / Coweta sales have taught us how to deal with virtually every situation which could undermine your sale. 

  • As our client, we listen carefully to what you have to say and tailor our marketing efforts and advice to your unique situation and needs. 

  • We take our clients and our work very seriously. We take no shortcuts. We employ no assistants and do all the work ourselves, including website design, construction, and promotion. We do everything that we can think of to produce results and we do it at the right time and, always, to the best of our ability. 

  • We make maximum use of today's technology. Ken's previous career in Information Technology puts him far ahead of his peers in using today's technology -- the computer and the Internet -- to work to the advantage of our Sellers. Today, with over 90% of home buyers using the Internet as part of the home buying process, the Internet has become of paramount importance in advertising homes for sale, reaching potential home buyers, communicating with them via e-mail, sending digital images of homes, and the like.

  • We keep our clients posted on our progress and provide feedback from showings whenever possible. We interpret the reaction of other agents and how their prospective buyers react to our listings, learn from this, and then recommend corrective actions to our clients when warranted.

  • We stay with you and help you every step of the way, from recommending how to price your home properly, how to prepare it to be put it on the market, explaining how to show your home to its maximum advantage, and then help you to evaluate offers and formulate counteroffers. We are especially good at identifying anything about a home to which a buyer is likely to object and offering practical advice on how to address and overcome any such obstacles.

  • Once we have an accepted contract, our work continues through the many steps which follow -- home inspection, repair amendment, termite inspection, appraisal, contract amendments, thus getting you to the closing table and on your way to the next step in your life.

Specifics of Our 29-Point Marketing Plan:

  • As our client, we will listen carefully to what you have to say and tailor our marketing efforts and advice to your unique situation and needs. We pledge you total honesty, confidentiality, and to always place your interests first and foremost.

  • Complete a "Net To Seller" worksheet to insure sellerís approximate net proceeds are understood and acceptable.

  • Complete listing paperwork with seller, being careful to accurately capture details that will appear in the Georgia Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

  • Coach seller on the many aspects of preparing a home for a scheduled showing.

  • Write property description of the subject property for MLS, taking maximum advantage of the space provided.

  • Promptly enter the listing into the MLS database.

  • Inspect the home for the purpose of collecting extremely detailed information to be used for a real estate flyers.

  • As a result of the above inspection, point out to seller any improvements needed to help the home show to its maximum advantage.

  • Take 50+ digital pictures of the home, both outdoors and indoors.

  • Create an "e-flyer" and send to every potential buyer or agent who shows your home. Click on Horizon Hill e-Flyer to see an example.

  • Enter maximum allowable number of photographs (36) to MLS.

  • Construct the real estate flyer and ask the seller to review it for accuracy and completeness.

  • Place a supply of real estate flyers in the home for buyer prospects to pick up when the home is being shown. Click on Horizon Hill Flyer to see an example.

  • Place a supply of real estate flyers in a curb-side holder.

  • Distribute a flyer to all 1,720 real estate agents in Fayette and Coweta Counties.

  • Feature your home's listing at the website.

  • In certain areas, hold an Open House just for agents and share comments from the agents with the seller.

  • Learning from the comments of agents who have shown the home, suggest corrective actions to the seller as warranted.

  • Personally show the home to any qualified prospect with an interest in seeing it.

  • Attempt to obtain feedback from each of the first 25 agents who show the home.

  • Share unfiltered feedback from other agents with the seller.

  • As any comparable homes sell, re-evaluate our price analysis and advise seller if a price change is warranted.

  • Promptly and accurately respond to other agents and buyer prospects having questions or showing an interest in the home.

  • While the seller is out of town, oversee routine maintenance services and check the property on a regular basis.

  • Present all offers to the seller and counsel seller throughout negotiations.

  • Advise the seller throughout the inspection and repair amendment phase, addressing all problems that may arise.

  • Advise the seller as any post contract problems arise in a areas such as termites or title.

  • Attend the final walkthrough prior to closing and address any problems that may arise.

  • Accompany the seller to the closing and thoroughly check the settlement statement for accuracy and completeness.

This is everything you need

to know about Real Estate:

         Ken and Donna Parker


                 Bush Real Estate Group


Call us today & we'll handle all the rest!


Remember, no one does it better!


     And we get results!



Ken and Donna Parker







Ken Parker

678-480-3859 Cell/Text

Donna Parker

678-478-4383 Cell/Text








Search the entire Georgia MLS from this website. Find all of the Peachtree City homes listed for sale and all Summergrove / Newnan real estate listings here.


See my online Relocation Package for a weath of information about the Peachtree City area, including Newnan and Summergrove.


The Guide Covering Coweta and Fayette Counties

See The Guide, an online magazine, all about living in the Peachtree City and Newnan area.


Click on ClubCorp Local Golf Courses to learn why the Peachtree City and the Newnan area is rightly called a "Golfer's Mecca."


Visit Boards of Education and review the school reports for Fayette and Coweta County. 


See Health Care for hospital and  medical services available in the Newnan and Peachtree City area.


See Local Activities for things to do in the Peachtree City and Newnan area.


Contact Information

If you have an interest in buying or selling a Peachtree City GA home or Newnan Georgia real estate, including Summergrove, or just need additional information, please give us a call or send us an e-mail.

Ken Parker

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Donna Parker

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This website is about the entire Peachtree City GA Region, Peachtree City homes and real estate, homes for sale and real estate for sale throughout all of Fayette and Coweta County, Georgia. Serving including the towns of Peachtree City, Fayetteville, Sharpsburg, Newnan, Tyrone, Senoia, and the masterplan community of Summergrove (developed by Pathways Communities). Information is provided by Ken Parker, real estate agent having over 20 years prior experience with RE/MAX Around Atlanta Results before affiliating with the Bush Real Estate Group. Return to this website often for up-to-date Georgia MLS listings, property information, homes for sale, and Peachtree City, Newnan, and Summergrove real estate related local information.






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